wednesday 6 june 02001 2:53pm
headed south on polk street

at the intersection a woman wearing purple leggings and a purple velour shirt pulled up next to me on a red fold-up bicycle. there was a bag strapped to the handlebars holding a small dog with long hair, who was hanging out and looking very mellow. the woman and i chatted a bit, as folks on bicycles at red lights sometimes do, and then we rode on.

at the next light a grey-haired man in jeans and black leather jacket rode past on a victorian-style bike, the front wheel 6 feel tall, the back wheel a foot tall. he was going uphill, peddling hard, grinning wildly.

at the next light this guy came across the crosswalk and got in front of me as the light changed. his bike was kiddie-sized, with a banana seat. it was completely gold, with tall handlebars and gold metal curlicues coming off all over. it jumped up and down like low-riders do; he was cruising along making it jump up and down with something he touched by reaching forward.

i didn’t stop grinning all the way home.