monday 23 july 02001 11:25am
chapter ten: reasons to live, from waking to now

- as i begin to rise from dreaming, stretch my legs toward the end of the bed. warm soft resistance, and thunk. opening my eyes: the blanket taut between my feet, a paw thrown up over the edge. po purrs. the vibration rises in my feet.

- jim heavy in sleep beside me.

- the stillness of morning.

- a single tendril from the neighbors' vine has snaked across the porch and has begun to wrap the base of ganesha.

- larry's email contained the phrase: "i've fallen into the sky and i can't get out!"

- moving in yoga, and stillness there.

- jasmine tea.

- lush alkmaar soap.

- apricots. the weight of them. the soft plush flesh. the give. the juice.

- the pleasure of language. of trying to put experience into words. like stuffing the sky through a keyhole.

- this.