friday 25 april 02003 6:58am
jackson near spruce

it was past dawn, but the sky was heavy with rainclouds, so the day was still in dawning light. i stepped out of the cab onto the wet road, and as i turned to close the door behind me, caught a glimpse up the street. the street rose in a hill, and seemed to end in the sky. heavy cloud cover hung low in the sky, big fat curvaceous dark clouds just atop the hill. at the center of the clouds, the sun was breaking through in a riot of orange and pink. it was so beautiful it didn't look real. it looked like it should be bolted to the wall of a cheap hotel. it looked like god was going to step down onto the road at the top of the hill.

i took it in a moment, then crossed the street toward the house. just as i got to the sidewalk, a hummingbird appeared at the edge of a tree beside the door, hovered a moment directly before me, then shot past my shoulder, in the direction of the sun.