saturday 10 june 02006 8:28pm
advanced health care directive

i do not want life prolonged in ways that would leave someone in this body that isn't able to live in joy and ease, and you with her in joy and ease.

i want as many of my organs and tissues as can possibly benefit others to be shared with others.

i do not want my body to be embalmed.

i want my final remains to be cremated. james knows what i wish done with them next (this is what we both want), but in case this should somehow fall to you: i would like my ashes placed in an open bowl at my memorial service. i would like like anyone who wishes to do so to take a spoonful of these ashes, on condition that what is taken is to be scattered. i will not be kept in jars. bury me in the earth, throw me to the wind, dissolve me in the ocean; eat me if you will. anyone at the service who wishes to scatter some should take some of my ashes to scatter. anything remaining should be scattered, too. give me back to everything. set me free.