monday 14 may 02007 5:10am
a small sample of my mother's birds

a baltimore oriole with brilliant lemon chest just tried to fly in the closed glass back door.

a hummingbird, twice, with emerald green body and white necklace at the feeder.

fat tree swallows in the house outside the kitchen window.

sound but no sight of woodpeckers down by the lake.

finches all over.
yesterday, high overhead, a pair of herons.

the neighbor, sue, drops by while we are preparing to till the garden and says that the people who used to own the house were always visited by a mourning dove who sat on the tip of the garage roof, grey, and very chatty. we're still waiting for him.

yesterday we tried to put the rebuilt martin house back up, but the pole was rotten, too. she's been watching their progress online, mom says, and the martins will be here thursday.