sunday 2 september 02007 8:29am
home again

in playa del carmen, people construct buildings around the trees. living trees spring up between the floors and out the decks; often the buildings do not have walls and the trees roam right through. there is something beautiful in this about time to me, allowing tree-time to be longer than building-time. also, letting the building be a shelter and not a separation.

for many days no more than a few words to anyone except my beloved. it is ten years this weekend since we recognized one another. in the plane on the way home i read neil gaiman's stardust, among my favorite lines are the ones below. it helps to understand the vastness of what is being said to know that the sisters are stars and their mother the moon.

"Some nights," she told him, "my sisters and I would sing together. Sing songs like that one, all about the lady our mother, and the nature of time, and the joys of shining and of loneliness."

the joys of shining and of loneliness. i can chew on that for a long time.