friday 4 january 02008 7:24am
just now in dream

i was at a mall with my high school boyfriend, who knew you; he was also the man who is now my husband and does not know you. we passed a store and you were sitting on a chair just inside the door, working. was amazed to see you. i i loved the rumpled hair on the back of your head from afar. there was no consideration of walking over to say hello, somehow; i was walking and you were still and you had turned to see me too and both our mouths were open, amazed. we got on the escalator. there was a bunch of up and down the escalators for a while, then we got to the bottom of one and i did a somersault off. this was particularly fancy in the dream because i was wearing a corset, and in waking life because i have a wee bit of irrational discomfort with escalators.