monday 18 february 02008 9:28am
flight dream number three

the trees were tall, lanky, not yet fully green. a late-winter early-spring kind of forest, like now here. the river was strung through the trees, the earth was muddy. we were in the air above the river, in the open space. i was holding you in my arms and at first we were leaping tree to tree and then i realized we hadn't landed in some time, that we were just flying. you in my arms were in front of my heart and the rest of me streamed out behind like tailfeathers. you are amazed, we were both amazed, but we kept being up and careening along through the air, marveling at the land unfurling below us and our flight.

when we landed, we had no idea where we were; we hadn't kept track, had only an idea that we'd taken a fork in the river. we weren't sure how to fly again, and we were looking for a ride back.