monday 23 june 02008 7:53am
dreaming at the end of the world

first waking, early, groggy. i had to go back. never felt this before but "i can't just leave them like that," i thought, and i lay back to sleep and indeed did go there again. "them" isn't quite right, either; i was them there, both of them and everyone, but i only knew that at the groggy first waking, and remember now knowing it then. i can't feel it now.

it wasn't a lucid dream per se. it wasn't that i knew what i was there to do. but when i headed toward waking the second time they were safe there past the end of the world, she with her belly big, trying to make the future. they had a plan now, and something to eat. transitioning back to waking i wondered "but how will i get all of my shoes back to the waking plane?"

they seem to be here just fine.