wednesday 28 april 02010 12:09pm
a corner store in the tenderloin

michael picked me up after my acupuncture appointment. we were going for lunch. we parked and walked into the corner store. michael needed change for the meter and bought a pack of gum. there was a woman standing behind the counter, and an older woman in a head scarf seated beside her, and a fellow in a chair nearby. the older woman said "how are you?" and i, still quite high from my acupuncture, smiled and said "wonderful! how are you?"

"oh!" she said. "you really want to know?"

"yes," i said. "i do."

"like a woman giving birth! that's how i feel. in my knee. oh! it's horrible!"

"would you like some healing work?" i asked, holding up my hands.

"yes!" she said, and shooed away the younger woman beside her.

i suggested to michael that he go feed the meter and pick me up again when he was done. i walked behind the counter and the woman threw her arms up to me, obviously asking to be embraced. i leaned into her arms and gave her mine and "i love you!" she said, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me.

"i love you, too", i grinned. "that's why i'm offering to help." i knelt down and reached out for her knee, which was covered in heavy stockings with a supportive brace over them. i worked with her knee for a couple of minutes energetically. poor thing; it was some of the most pain i have felt in someone's body. the bell rang when michael returned, and i worked a bit more, then got up.

we said a couple little nice things to each other and the woman ordered the young woman to get me a cup of tea, which she did, pumping it from a thermos nearby. we said goodbye.

the tea was black, and sweet, and full of love, like me and the woman and everything else.