kitchen table

thursday 25 december 02008 12:45pm
on the kitchen table

the little cat
smells like butter
the popcorn bowl
is clean.

saturday 20 december 02008 2:15pm
on the kitchen table

the little cat has been pressing her face
into blossoms, her white fur
stained with pollen.

thursday 20 july 02006 1:29pm

the orchid in the bathroom
has two blossoms
one fat bud
and one tight nub of a bud.

the purple glass bowl on the kitchen table
holds five apricots.

the beautiful girl upstairs
is heading toward the end of her second year.

she was naked in her mother's arms
eating a plum
which dripped
all over her belly.

she offered me a bite.
and again.

monday 10 july 02006 6:49pm
on the kitchen table

the cat is licking cherries
and picking them up
by the stems
with her teeth.

friday 7 july 02006 10:35am
at my kitchen table

judith said
about yosemite:

wow! god is big rocks!
this is the place
where god is big rocks.

thursday 12 january 02006 5:28pm
white petals, pink veins

before the blossoms die
the petals
become transparent

wednesday 4 january 02006 8:11am
the kitchen is cold today

fuzz in my toast
butter on my gloves

the amaryllis and i
are open

monday 2 january 02006 10:39am
white pot, brown earth, water

on the kitchen table
the amaryllis
sends from the heartbulb
a brilliant green stalk.

now, in the new year

rain falls
my heart is clean

toward the light.