the enlightenment of the amaryllis

monday 18 february 02008 10:26am
maya, the amaryllis, and my life

oh the veil, the veil is tearing
the green lips of the bud part
her blossom is red

thursday 12 january 02006 5:28pm
white petals, pink veins

before the blossoms die
the petals
become transparent

wednesday 4 january 02006 8:11am
the kitchen is cold today

fuzz in my toast
butter on my gloves

the amaryllis and i
are open

monday 2 january 02006 10:39am
white pot, brown earth, water

on the kitchen table
the amaryllis
sends from the heartbulb
a brilliant green stalk.

now, in the new year

rain falls
my heart is clean

toward the light.