the orchid blossoms

friday 20 october 02006 12:23am
and so it begins again

the blossoms fell, one
and then the next
and then the last

oh the last one fell
the fat new bud behind it.

friday 14 july 02006 4:39pm

i leaned over the opening
orchid blossom
said to it oh,
, realized
it was just how you say that
to me.

morning after

i've had many orchids. after the blossoms fade, there is the little plant. i save them, and i try. every few days i carry them all to the shower and bathe, fertilize, talk to them. none have blossomed again, until now. i've been watching the buds get fatter for weeks. i moved it recently to the bathroom where i can see it so many times a day and feel the changes. this morning, the first bud began to open.

that last sentence is maybe the closest i can come to saying something about last night.