treeblossom season

sunday 15 april 02007 9:07am
a weekend in blossom

two days ago kate brought me a peony. this morning one frilled fushia edge of one petal has begun to unfurl from the tight ball of the bud.

last night we met todd, who will be rebecca's husband. we brought them cherry blossoms on tall branches wrapped in brown paper. rebecca put them on the mantle above the fireplace.

the cherry trees are all in bloom now. there are tides of pink petals in the gutters, petals strewn across the sidewalks and in the entryways. in the breezes, little eddies of petals, and now and then a breeze catches on something and swirls, and a tiny tornado of pink petals rises up, and falls again.

wednesday 4 april 02007 11:58pm
sitting on the edge of the bed

for weeks the streets have been awash in petals, petals, pink and white raining the air, the ground, the everything. every year i write of this, treeblossom season; every year it makes me flabbergasted to be alive. now, a new twist:

today i left the bedroom window open.
tonite, petals on the bedroom floor.

thursday 22 march 02007 6:17pm
19th between hartford and castro

standing under the white-blossomed tree
petals in my hair.

friday 2 april 02004 11:20am
hartford at the corner of 19th

on the way home tonite, i realized that the sidewalk and gutters were thick with fallen cherry-blossom petals.

i felt sad much of the day today. by the time i found the petals, i was that sort of after-sad quiet inside.

i picked up handfuls and handfuls of pink petals and threw them in the air, and they fluttered about in the light of the streetlamps, and rained around me everywhere.

once, many years ago when i was trying to decide whether the pain of existing was worth sticking around through, spring came. and i decided that flowers were enough to stay alive for.

and you know, really, i think i still feel that way. even if there wasn't anything else, i'd stick around for the flowers.